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Whether for the C-Suite or general managers  of specific business lines within multibillion dollar institutions, clients partner with StratMaven because we provide actionable strategic guidance on how to profitably  grow their business.


Growth strategy development is StratMaven's core offering. The fundamental question for many of our clients is: How can we sustainably improve our returns? In answering this question, we work with our clients on opportunities ranging from accelerating an existing business to evaluating new markets/segments, defining market entry strategies, and identifying potential strategic alliances, partnerships and M&A opportunities. Our analysis is always informed by a quantitative fact base of market insights, built through extensive secondary and primary research.  We then assess the viability of each opportunity and recommend “Go-to-Market” strategies that align with our clients’ core competencies.


Business Unit/Corporate Strategy

Market Research and Analysis

Opportunity Assessment

Competitive Analysis

Channel Partner Strategy

Portfolio Optimization


We support Corporate Strategy groups and investors with in-depth acquisition due diligence. Our analysis is informed by our deep understanding of the P&C/L&A Insurance, Healthcare, and Technology sectors. StratMaven’s unique value rests in our team’s ability to access and engage in deep discussions with key stakeholders to garner intelligence and insights that are not readily available. Using primary and secondary market 

research and quantitative modeling, we typically provide an assessment of industry attractiveness, 

positioning of target company vs. competition, value creation opportunities, potential hidden risks associated with the target and other market-driven insights. We regularly help our clients make successful acquisitions and we also help them avoid poor investments. 


Strategic Due Diligence

Industry Scan for Deal Origination

Investment Thesis

Synergies Identification


Post-Merger Integration: PMI support is often about balancing complex, fast-moving priorities for successful short-term and long-term integration. We help our clients focus on the short list of actions that drive near-term value while ensuring rigorous execution of a large number of integration tasks required by every deal. Our customized approach maps key activities during the three stages of acquisition (pre-close, first 100 days post-close, and post-100 days).

Portfolio Company Growth Strategy: We partner with management teams of portfolio companies to help develop actionable growth strategies.


Day One Readiness and Execution

Cross-functional and Functional Coordination

Project Management

Portfolio Company Value Creation

Exit Planning


We partner with business leaders to develop data-driven strategies that deliver results. In practical terms, that means we start with an assessment of our client’s core business and its challenges, followed by a systematic evaluation of the opportunities available to our client given market conditions and trends. This analysis is grounded in qualitative and quantitative research. We then work with our client to refine our recommendations and finally we develop an implementation roadmap to ensure success.  Our methodology is tailored for each client's business challenges, depending on the product category, channel, industry segment, and business model. 



A typical engagement begins with a thorough assessment of the client’s Core Business. This might include the following: 

  • Jointly define success on Day 1

  • Conduct interviews with management team 

  • Analyze internal data

  • Gather secondary research 

  • Assess current competitive landscape and perceptions on differentiation

  • Understand challenges/risks

  • Generate preliminary hypotheses



During this phase, we evaluate the different opportunities that our client could pursue and assess their internal capabilities to succeed in each. We also identify the major trends expected to impact each opportunity and arrive at an overall evaluation and ranking of opportunities relative to one another.

  • Conduct interviews with experts/market participants  

  • Research market perception through interviews with existing and potential customers

  • Apply fact-based frameworks to evaluate client’s internal capabilities

  • Quantify size of opportunity



This phase is about ensuring the management team is aligned with our strategy recommendations. This usually culminates in a full-day management workshop facilitated by StratMaven to discuss, refine, prioritize, and reach agreement about the overall attractiveness of each opportunity.

  • Conduct full-day management workshop

  • Identify and address areas of misalignment

  • Provide executive report with key points learned from workshop



The final phase is to create an implementation roadmap that details the tasks, timing, and delegation of responsibility for executing the strategy. Our role in the implementation may range from intensive operating assistance to a more limited strategic advisory role.

  • Create execution timeline, and define critical steps, key milestones, and interdependencies

  • Finalize go-to-market (sales, marketing, distribution) strategy

  • Refine product development process as needed

  • Clarify organizational structure and resource plan as needed

  • Detail risk mitigation considerations

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