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Healthcare reform, rising costs, the consolidating payer and provider landscapes, and a newly empowered consumer base are reshaping the U.S. healthcare industry. Providers are increasingly on the hook to contain costs while demonstrating improvements in patient outcomes. Payers need to engage their members in a way that reflects a deep understanding of their medical and user experience needs. At the same time, they need to support their providers to deliver efficient and quality care, increase patient compliance and reduce hospital readmissions. 

StratMaven supports clients along the value chain (including regional and national health plans, hospital systems and benefit managers) and help them create actionable strategies to enhance revenues, identify new market opportunities, and provide customers with innovative solutions.  

StratMaven helps healthcare organizations and investors understand and capitalize on the opportunities of a complex and rapidly evolving marketplace.


Examples of key strategic questions we help our clients answer include:

  • What set of patient populations should we serve? For segments where we choose to compete, how will we create a differentiated value proposition?

  • How can we grow market share in existing product categories? 

  • Which patient engagement initiatives should we invest in?

  • Where is our organization on the road to value-based care? 

  • Who can we partner with to expand our market, improve quality, create efficiencies, and reduce costs?

Client Issues

Examples of Our Work


  • Developed three-year growth and adjacency expansion plan in the PFFS (private fee-for-service) market for a payer serving the Medicare population

  • Evaluated for a PE firm the PBM (pharmacy benefit management) market landscape, including addressable market size, growth and profitability, as well as competitive dynamics

  • Developed five-year strategic plan for a leading Telehealth provider

  • Assessed opportunities in Medicare Advantage sector for a regional managed care organization

  • Developed business plan for a pet telehealth seed stage company

  • Evaluated the disease management market for a leading healthcare company; Identified portfolio of high value patient engagement applications, built market segmentation and forecasted demand

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