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The insurance industry is facing change on an extraordinary scale. This creates significant opportunities for insurers willing to embrace it, but it poses major risks for late adopters. Artificial intelligence, IoT and connected sensors, and new InsurTech entrants are just a few of the digitally-driven innovations that are disrupting the industry. Beyond digital disruption, challenges range from changing consumer behavior and expectations, product-service innovation, cost optimization, and regulatory uncertainty. 


In this challenging environment, our clients turn to us to provide strategic support in their search for growth and profitability. Our deep experience spans the insurance value chain across mass market and specialty insurance lines. We work with agents, MGAs, insurers, reinsurers and technology providers. Clients range in size from small InsurTech players to large P&C and Life insurers.

We help insurance organizations manage a range of  key strategic issues including customer behavior and segmentation, geographic expansion, distribution channel optimization,  business line diversification, and product innovation. We combine primary research with quantitative analysis of growth and profitability and other market dynamics.


Strategic and financial investors turn to us to help uncover the growth potential that lies within insurance businesses in which they seek to invest and to help maximize returns in their portfolio companies. 

Examples of key strategic questions we help our clients answer include:

  • Which insurance lines should we participate in, and why? How do we generate and maximize value, notably in insurance segments that are more commoditized? 

  • How do we achieve a 360-degree view of each customer to improve customer retention and to realize competitive advantages from cross-selling?

  • Which alternative distribution channels should we explore to capture greater market share?

  • What  areas can be improved to spur premium growth and ameliorate combined ratio?

Client Issues

Examples of Our Work


  • Provided a qualitative and quantitative assessment of what it would take for a mid-market commercial P&C carrier to succeed in the small business insurance sector​

  • Identified and profiled attractive segments in the US specialty P&C market including size, profitability and growth rates of each segment, competitive dynamics, distribution, reinsurance strategies and key success factors​​

  • Developed strategy to lower underwriting expenses while growing premiums through M&A and organic initiatives for a personal lines insurance carrier

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