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Our clients are our best advocates. See below what some had to say about their experience working with StratMaven.  

Astrid was a true catalyst for transforming our business. I was impressed by her approachable style, insighful analysis, and actionable strategic and tactical road maps. She is the type of trusted advisor that I want at my table, not the competition's.

CEO and Founder, Health IT Startup

I have worked with Astrid over a number of years on a wide variety of strategic projects in very complex, competitive and fast paced environments where data was hard to acquire and insight and answers were even more difficult to ascertain.  In fact, when the project was crucial to the success of our company I always reached out to Astrid. She is one of the best strategic advisors I have ever worked with.


Astrid has a unique ability to get to information that others can’t get to and uses hard work, determination and an extensive network to find what she needs.  What makes Astrid most special is her ability to make the appropriate ties that others don’t see to offer truly unique insights.  However, what sets Astrid apart from everyone else (including the very best from McKinsey, BCG, Bain, etc.) is her ability to create a full plan to take on a series of options and a realistic pathway to achieve success. But she also thinks through alternative plans to ensure there are multiple pathways to success. Then she actually enables the outcome.


Astrid is equally good in working in environments with billions of dollars at stake as well as considering new innovative concepts to gain unique advantages where others simply can’t find the correlation. She is incredibly thorough in her research but she also has the unique ability to make the very complex incredibly simple to understand.  Such a skill enables us to gain wide buy-in from much larger audiences who don’t have all of the connecting points to see how it all came together. 


Over many years of being a CEO in large and medium sized businesses I’ve developed a number or strategic relationships.  However, there are only a few that reach the level of true trusted advisor.  Astrid sits at the very top of that list.  When Astrid speaks, I not only listen, I take action.

CEO, Fortune 2000 Company

Over the past several years we have partnered with StratMaven to conduct a series of in-depth strategic assessments of current and emerging markets critical to our business strategy.  Astrid’s work created the essential insight we needed to design our strategic plan. Astrid’s work speaks for itself and by far yields the most insightful and complete assessment of a market you could want as a business executive.  
Her work has been instrumental to help us create and guide our core market strategy and also to identify new areas of opportunity which have become important parts of our investment and growth strategy. I consider Astrid’s deliverables part of the most valuable strategic planning assets we have in our business. Most importantly, when you work with Astrid, you immediately see what a genuine, smart, engaging and respectful person she is. Working on our behalf in the industry, Astrid represents our brand in the market and generates significant goodwill with our clients and partners.

Managing Director, Insurance Division, Fortune 1000 Company

The counsel of StratMaven has been invaluable to us. Astrid is the real deal. Her work has consistently resulted in significant value creation.

Partner, Middle-Market PE Firm

StratMaven worked swiftly but thoroughly to develop a fact base for our decision-making. Astrid’s approachable style puts cross-functional stakeholders (with at times opposing agendas) at ease and helps drive effective decisioning.

Partner, PE Firm

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